Rev. Treco talking in Amsterdam (October 2018)

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The Friends of Father Treco have launched this website in order to facilitate the dissemination of true and accurate information about his case, to provide updates as they become known, to serve as a portal for significant articles related to his case, and to provide an easy mechanism by which Christians may offer him spiritual and material support.

The initial impetus for the creation of this website was the reasonable doubts expressed by various people about the claims being made in support of Father Treco's situation and in support of the GoFundMe Appeal that was launched to secure emergency material and spiritual support. This website seeks to address those concerns by providing access to whatever documentary evidence that may be relevant to Fr. Treco's case.

We welcome submissions of any documents, articles or other resources relevant to Father Treco's case. reserves the right to publish or not publish any resources submitted for review and inclusion.

MAY JESUS CHRIST, the author and finisher of our faith, be with us in His power; and may the Immaculate Virgin, the destroyer of all heresies, be with us by her prayers and aid. Amen.

In Jesus through Mary,
Friends of Father Treco
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Homily & Timeline PDF Downloads

In response to viewer requests, Friends of Father Treco has added download links to two files that important to Fr. Treco's case:
Since we did not have access to a copy of Fr. Treco's homily manuscript, we created a PDF using the text of his homily found at
In order to respect the privacy of the Ordinariate priest who supplied this document to us. We have removed the watermark that contained his name, and we have added a watermark of our own.
We hope that other visitors benefit from more ready access to these PDF files.

In Jesus through Mary,
Friends of Father Treco

The Fathers' Grapes and the Children's Teeth: A Homily for Christ the King!

In contrast to what might be suggested by the title given to the YouTube video of his homily, Fr. Treco's purpose was rather more parochial: To help his flock to better understand the difficult situation in which they found themselves as Catholics, and to provide them with the tools needed to remain faithful to Christ and His Holy Church.

If you've never listened to The Fathers' Grapes and the Children's Teeth, then we invite you go ahead and listen to it. But, as you do, keep forefront in your mind the purpose for which Fr. Treco said he had given this homily.

Today, however, I wish to set before you a deeper understanding
of the crisis that now engulfs Holy Mother Church
and to propose a [safe] way forward in the months and years that lay before us!

~ Fr. Vaughn Treco

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If you've had the opportunity to listen to Father Treco's Christ the King Homily already, then we invite you to listen to it again with Fr. Treco's purpose in your mind and close to your heart!

EWTN Coming Home Network: Marcus Grodi Interviews Father Treco (2006)

From EWTN's description of the Coming Home Network's Interview: Vaughn was born and raised in Nassau in the Bahamas. At first his parents brought up him and his seven sibling up in the Anglican tradition but later with the Plymouth Brethren. He was taught by his parents to live each day for Christ. After discovering discrepancies in Plymouth Brethren teaching, Vaughn and his wife joined the Charismatic Episcopal Church where he was ordained in 1999. His journey to the Catholic Church was sparked by listening to tapes by Dr. Scott Hahn.
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